Upcoming Events and Clinics

Information of upcoming events and clinics coming soon!


Get out and ride a fun, two-day event and enjoy your friends….and make new ones!  We encourage new eventers to come out and see what everyone has been talking about! KT Equine Ventures aims to bring you the very best in Natural Horsemanship instruction and events that are a blast for both you and your horse.

Natural Horsemanship Clinics– It’s time to take it to the next level and learn how to communicate with your horse in a way they understand. Helping people build a trusting relationship with their horse,  our clinics  have a flexible format, that will focus on really understanding the way your horse thinks, operates and communicates so as riders we can really build that relationship and communicate effectively in a way that your horse will understand. We believe that once horse and riders have certain fundamentals down, the horse will accept and give much more willingly.

Obstacle Challenges consists of 8-10 obstacles in arena setting. Complete list of obstacles are announced on the day of the event to keep a level-playing field for all competitors.  On the day of the event, participants will receive a rider walk through instruction (without horse) where they will learn the judging criteria for each obstacle and each class.

Participants can choose from the following 3 classes:

OPEN– For the more seasoned horse and rider. Obstacles may require side-passing, backing through obstacles, trotting.

PLEASURE/NOVICE– For the beginner or intermediate horse and rider.

        In Hand: Typically for a yearling or green horse working in-hand




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