About Me

My goal in training horses is to give a young horse the best chance at a good life and career as possible. I believe having a strong, positive start in training from day one can play a major role in the way a horse responds to training later on.

My training program is a combination of methods, which have been inspired by trainers such as Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson and many others that use a natural horsemanship approach. It is based on understanding the way a horse’s mind works and how best to communicate with each horse as an individual, to effectively engage both mind and body. This makes training  much more effective for me and the horse.

I have loved horses since I was a child, and have been fortunate enough to spend the last 20 years being involved with all aspects of horses, in many disciplines. My experience ranges from reining, cutting and roping to polo, jumpers and dressage, and anything in between.

One common thread I have found is that no matter what discipline a horse is destined for, the process for starting them is essentially the same. And, the ones that turn out the best, have the most longevity in their sport, and are the most willing to work, are the ones that have had the best possible start early in life.

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