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Jefe is a 2010 grey Andalusian stallion who was raised in a 100 acre pasture until he was shipped to Florida for training. Since he was just coming 3, I started with the very basics, including manners while being handled in and out of his stall, leading, voice commands that would translate into his dressage training later on and gradually working up to starting him under saddle. By the end of 60 days, he was doing balanced and soft walk, trot, canter under saddle, picking up correct leads and riding all over the property.

jefe_1_sm jefe_2_sm jefe_3_sm jefe
jefe_4_sm jefe_5_sm jefe_6_sm

Envisor is a 2009 grey Andalusian gelding who was raised in a 100 acre pasture until he was brought in at 3 and shipped to Florida for training. Envisor had been cowboyed a bit before being sent to me, which enhanced to his naturally insecure personality and didn’t give him much of a reason to trust people. As a result, he needed a lot of very repetitive work to be comfortable around people in general, but especially on his right side. I worked with him for 60 days and had him ground driving, and doing walk, trot, canter under saddle.

envisor_sm envisor_2_sm envisor_trot_sm envisor_screen
envisor_3_sm envisor_4_sm envisor_5_sm

Lucy is a 2008 grey Arabian mare. Before coming to me, she spent 6 months with another trainer who deemed her “crazy and unrideable.” I spent 2 weeks with her, and rode her during our second session. She proved to be exceptionally quick and willing to learn.

Lucy_1st_ride_sm Lucy_1st_ride_1_sm Lucy_2_sm lucy_screen
Lucy_3_sm Lucy_4_sm

Cali is a 2006 grey Arabian mare, who I was working on as a prospect for roping and reining. She was greenbroke when I started working with her. These photos and videos are after 90 days of solid work.

Dixie is a 2004 palomino Quarter Horse mare, who was sent to me in early 2012 to be started under saddle. The owner purchased the mare at auction and was told she was greenbroke. I knew before the end of one session that that was a generous assessment. These photos and videos were taken after a little more than 60 days of work.


Alexei is a 2009 grey Arabian colt. These photos and videos are after groundwork and about 15 rides.

Tutti is a 2009 grey Arabian mare. These photos and videos were taken after groundwork and 2 times in the saddle.

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