Good discipline and solid handling are needed to prepare your horse for any type of riding.

Mobile Training Services Available:

  • Training for Horse and/or Rider
  • School where you and your horse feel comfortable.
  • Have your questions answered consistently one on one.
  • Learn cause and effect scenarios that cause your horse to respond to you.
  • Practicing exercises (homework given in every lesson) magnifies progress.
  • Organize friends in a 1/2 day or day clinic. Learn by watching, listening, and doing.

Specializing in:

  • Starting under saddle — roping prospects, polo prospects, etc.
  • Retraining problem horses
  • Groundwork — leading, trailer loading, standing while mounting, etc.
  • Bad behavior — barn sour, biting, kicking, bucking, etc.

Full training is available.

Other services:

  • Exercise and conditioning – including sets for polo
  • Tune-ups
  • Lessons

Don’t see your needs listed here? Just call and ask!

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